– Waves –

So the other day I wrote my first poem! If you want to check it you can see it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfaUCHSnOlf/?taken-by=alisonn_moore.

When I started to write, I couldn’t help but think of the last time I tried to be creative through writing. It had been at least 4 years. 

“I feel like my creative thinking and ideas have been opened up again”

Now I know there are people who manage to grow up and maintain their creative thinking, but dang it is so easy to get in the routine of school, study, work, REPEAT. We forget to “turn on” that creative side of our brain – but I’m glad I tried. 

Anyway, here’s a little backstory about the poem. We were walking on this path at Stradbroke Island and I was looking at the waves. These waves were super rough, but I observed the way they moved and noticed how they evened out and created a beautiful sense of peace and calmness after crashing. It was then that I realized these waves symbolize struggles in life. 

Sometimes it’s hard for us to remember that the roughness and difficulties of certain situations will pass and create something beautiful.

& what I mean by beautiful is that it’s beautiful the way these hardships push us to grow, learn, and gain knowledge.

The message I wanted to get across in the poem is to never let things get ya down TO much because it WILL get better and it WILL turn into something beautiful. You will grow from whatever you’re going through. It will pass, calm down, and you won’t feel like you’re drowning. No matter how hard it is, keeping those things in mind will make overcoming struggles sooo much easier. Whether it’s a stressful exam or something more serious, I promise things will get better. 

Authenticity disclaimer: I struggle to do this every time I’m down. I think someone would be lying if they said they could maintain this attitude 100% of the time. I sometimes struggle to stay optimistic when things are hard, but when I make a conscious effort to shift my mindset to what’s described above ^^^^^, it’s SO.MUCH.EASIER! 

Australia is treating me very well – I love it here more every day. Things are picking up with school and I feel pretty busy but I‘m learning a ton in my classes!

Challenge: Be the boss of your struggles. Remind yourself that they do not define you, YOU are stronger than any obstacle. 

That’s all I have for now 🙂 



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