-The power of positive thinking-

As I walked up to TSA in Chicago with my flight ticket in hand and legs shaking, I was about to do it. I was about to travel across the world. After saying goodbye to my family I couldn’t tell if what I was feeling was excitement or fear, but I knew I was ready. If you know me, you probably know that my ears are NOT good with flying. Like, we’re talking excruciating pain even after chewing gum and having a decongestant. I wasn’t afraid of flying across the world, but I was afraid of the pain that would come with it.

“You can do this Alison. Your body is strong and healthy; you can do this.”

Those words saved me from what could’ve been terrible 4.5 and 14 hour flights. Despite the pain, I knew I could do it – I would be alright. As the motto goes, “Make sure your worst enemy is not living between your own two ears”. Realistically speaking, would you really be in a foreign country if there weren’t setbacks? When I arrived in Australia, the phone I was banking on using did not work, and when a bunch of us were at a mall (this place was massive), I got a stomach bug that hit me like a train. I could’ve felt sorry for myself, I could’ve felt like the victim, but that is not how this trip is going to roll.

I know that there will be more set backs, but already within a week of being here I have recognized that remaining positive has allowed me to bounce back significantly faster from unexpected hurdles. Set aside the lessons I’ve learned thus far, I’ve met some amazing Australians (and Americans), tried surfing, went kayaking, fed kangaroos, gone to the beach, and have gone on walks that have amazing views. I have pictures posted in the photos tab of the blog if you want to check it out 🙂

Here’s to optimism. Here’s to new experiences. Here’s to the amazing things Australia has to offer.



Challenge: Try to catch negative thoughts when they cross your train of thought. How do you handle them? Do you let them control your attitude, or do you try and counteract them with positive, optimistic thoughts?

2 thoughts on “-The power of positive thinking-

  1. Ali I am already so proud of you! You’re going to learn so much about this world and yourself in the next few months – it’s exhilerating! Miss you so much already!!


  2. Good luck with classes. Hope your trip continues to be amazing. I LOVE your positivity and optimism! And I’m envious of you skipping our Winter 😀 I look forward to more posts and pictures.


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